Meet Trisha Rintoul

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As a 20 year resident of Fountain Valley, it is my desire and responsibility to ensure the needs of our children are always met and to keep them as our top priority in our schools. As a parent of two kids that attended school here and graduated from Fountain Valley High School, I know we have been blessed with a great school system and I want to give back to this community in a way that will help our kids continue to receive the education they deserve. It is my goal to look for ways to improve upon their experience and ensure all kids in our district receive the best education possible in a safe environment.

I served as treasurer for two years at Fulton, followed by handling the treasurer role for the Fountain Valley High School girls’ basketball team and Boy Scout Troop 555. I also served as treasurer for Huntington Union Council and as a member of the School Site Council through Courreges. These experiences taught me the value of strong fiscal management and gave insight into maximizing funds to assist our students in the best way possible.

In my time as a PTA volunteer throughout my kids’ school years, I learned the benefit of parent involvement in our schools. I ran the “Best Paw” and the Accelerated Reader program, organized the planning committee for Winterfest celebration at Courreges and the 8th grade graduation dance at Fulton. These roles highlighted the value of parent input and working together as a community.

Throughout my career as a commercial airline pilot, I have relied on my attention to detail and focus on prioritization to ensure the safety of all those who put their trust in me to protect them in flight. I have also witnessed the bureaucracy involved in successfully running a business and will focus on cutting through the red tape in an effort to always do what is best for our children. As a volunteer for the Women in Aviation program, I have had the opportunity to mentor young men and women with a desire to pursue a profession in the airline industry.

As a high school counselor at church for over five years, I have connected with the hearts of our kids and I have a great desire to ensure we are doing all we can to help each of our students be successful.

My time as a flight instructor and substitute teacher taught me the importance of caring for our teachers and ensuring quality leadership in these roles. All of our decisions should be based on the safety and success of our children. We can accomplish this together by protecting our kids, involving all parents and providing for our dedicated teachers.

My husband, Ryan, and I have raised our two kids in this great city. We are looking forward to continuing the tradition of providing a solid educational experience for all children in Fountain Valley.